Expedition to Ethiopia 2010 (South)

The south of Ethiopia can make "a Star-Trek" impression on the foreign traveler who will experience a travel of his life through diverse ethnic territories and environments . The ethnics of Mursi, Hamer, Konso, Oromo, Sidamo represent a unique opportunity to challenge traveler's communication, social and negotiating skills. Every ethnic has his own answer to man's most fundamental questions on life and death.

Usual transport just few kilometers south of Addis Ababa Lake Langano, 200 km south of Addis Ababa Fascinating plant patterns ornament human settlements in the southern Ethiopia Czech organisation 'People in Need' engages in Ethiopia since 2003 with interesting projects which address the real needs of the country Donkeys transporting grass Oromo girl selling bananas Chickens are sold for 3 Ethiopian Birr right on the road Charming Oromo girl selling a cock on the road from Addis to Awasa Typical countryside in the Sodo region with na elevation between 1600 and 2100 above sea level Wollaita Sodo, the administrative center of the Wolaita Zone of the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples Region Busy streets of Wollaita Sodo Computer store in Wollaita Sodo Woman carrying wood near Konso Ethiopia has a good potential for banana production, currently producing over 200 thousand tones a year Water supply A hotel in Konso Our Land Cruiser at the NOC gas station in Konso A Konso woman Konso people 'Farangi' ('foreigner' in Amharic) A beautiful Bena woman Our friend Paco Begne Ethiopian next generation. Teaching them to make clever choices will benefit them in the future. Group of Hamer boys at the market in Kay Afar Beautiful girl in Kay Afar A bena boy just enough fit to live a healthy lifestyle A bena girl on the Kay Afar market Engdazgi in a Jinka restaurant Morning coffee in Jinka In the Mago National Park Breast feeding Mursi woman with child and 'Nagele' Yo, Cameroon and Engdazgi among Mursi Men and women :) On the road to Turmi Hamer family in Turmi Hamers wearing traditional goat skin dress decorated with black&red headband, cowie shells and other colorful ornaments Derek with a new English-Amharic dictionary bought in Jinka. Educated young leaders - a new hope for Africa?  'Farangi' trying to catch the rythm of a traditional Hamer clap dance Hamer tribal dance Women chating during a clap dance Children, the best clap dancers ever Hey foreigner, too much light! Location 'New York' near Konso Am I part of it? Oops, there was a hole in the gas canister... Yo, Cameroon and Engdazgi enjoying dinner in Arba Minch 'Die letzte Zigarette' A hotel with a good view over lake Chomo and Abaya in Arba Minch Traffic jam. Road disappeared in the river.
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