Expedition to Uganda & Rwanda

Most travelers and external observers agree that Uganda and Rwanda are somehow related together. It is not only a binding factor of Bwindi National Park with exciting mountain gorillas. Both countries share a common footprint, proper to the region of the Great Lakes. more »

Expedition to Ethiopia

Traveling in Ethiopia gives the illusion of a journey through different centuries. It has an independence of spirit which made it the only country to remain uncolonised during the 19th century scramble for Africa. It is true to say it is where the ancient world and Africa meet. Ethiopia is home to incomparable ethnic groups we will see. more »



Walia is a rare Ethiopian cousin of the European alpine ibex, both belonging to a wider goat family. Walia ibex is the southernmost of today's ibexes.

Due to the threats like habitat loss, poaching, and restricted range, causing decline in its already small population, Walia ibex belongs among critically endangered species. Only about 400 individuals survived in the mountains of Ethiopia, concentrated in the Simien Mountains.

Meet a herd of beautiful chestnut-brown colored Walias was the main goal of our first expedtion when trekking in 4300 m high Simien Mountains of Ethiopia.

Walia ibex was not only a "must see" item on our expedition list, but is also a symbolic allusion to what we believe our mission is. Our duty is to help people discover unique life forms, places and by using this knowledge add to their perseverance.

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