Uganda-Rwanda Expedition 2011

Estimated start of expedition: January 8, 2012

Why Uganda and Rwanda?

Most travelers and external observers agree that Uganda and Rwanda are somehow related together. It is not only a binding factor of Bwindi National Park with exciting mountain gorillas. Both countries share a common footprint, proper to the region of the Great Lakes: Bantu-speaking population, very close bilateral relations, immense post colonial heritage including issues of dictatorship, liberation struggle and a common positive vision to escape poverty and socio-economic ills.

The proximity of their capital cities Uganda-Kampala and Rwanda-Kigali makes them a natural regional allies. The capitals are separated by distance of only 480 km, where Kigali represents a natural extension on the trip to mountain gorillas from Kampala, and vice-versa Kampala might become an interesting extension for a traveler with starting point in Kigali.

Last but not least, in terms of their natural richness, Uganda and Rwanda have the highest mountain-range of Africa, the largest lake, immense savannas similar only to Kenya and Tanzania and the vast tropical rain-forests, which can be found else only in neighboring Congo. Uganda and Rwanda offer the best from the animal world of East & West Africa. A unique combination of the large animals in the savannas - lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, leopards, hippos, buffaloes and crocodiles, and also the rainforest's animals like gorillas, chimpanzees, forest elephants and buffaloes.

This all makes the two countries an exciting destination for the adventure traveler, avid for exploration of the virgin beauty of the true Africa.

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