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Michal Cwiecek
Michal Cwiecek
Adventure Travel Coordinator

Adventure traveler, diver and fan of martial arts. Central European of Polish-Slovak descent living in Bratislava. In traveling, he enjoys authentic places, endemic nature and people with unique ethnic identity and culture. An alumnus of the Faculty of Management, Comenius University in Bratislava, he earns his living working as business intelligence manager for a famous Slovak antivirus vendor.

Reason to join:
"Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World." Christopher Columbus
Yohannes Tekie Meressa
Yohannes Tekie Meressa
Africa Education and Technology Coordinator

Born and raised in capital city Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Experienced in travelling, avid for exploration of new countries, life styles and people. Graduated in Accounting at Addis Ababa Commercial College. Married, having a beautiful newborn child.

Reason to join: Strong conviction that Ethiopia as a country has a lot to share with the world. The country is religiously, culturally, historically and geographically diversified and yet still peaceful for its inhabitants. This is a rare composition for any country to have such diversity in any aspect while being internally stable for centuries.
Martin Kustek
Martin Kuštek
Social Mission Developer

Business consultant specialized in grant advisory. He is studying and practicing management and international relations at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Martin's 10years non-profit experience in science promotion and academic debate education brought him to a lot of places and a persuasion that the key to development lies within culture and young people.

Reason to join: Check conditions to find sustainable solutions for human development in Africa. Africa, world's poorest region, and yet a geographical gem, suffers from residues of European power struggles. Overcoming cultural and administrative hardships in this region to deliver a lasting value whilst preserving local heritage is a challenge uncomparable to civilised trade.
Boris Marko
Boris Marko
Web & Corporate Identity Designer

Born and spent most of his life in Bratislava where also graduated at Faculty of Management, Comenius University. Last few years living in Brno (Czech Republic) working for a multinational telecommunications company as a System Support Engineer.

Reason to join: There's no doubt that many of the measures taken to help Africa are ineffective. So-called solutions like increased aid or debt relief focus on the consequences instead of the causes and hence they fail in a long term. Walia Ibex Expedition is one of those concepts with potential to contribute to a real change. The whole idea of a direct help after understanding the culture through experience is so strong that it's hard not to be part of it.

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